Happy Smiling Whales and Dolphins-Adorable Pics

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Albino People Gallery-Men Women Children-All Races

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Albino White people


Albino black people

pretty albino black girl model

Albino Asian

She is a chinese albino model


Amazing Prehistoric Creatures that are not well known

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There were countless amazing animals in prehistoric times and many of them are not well know.

These two animals were ancestors of the whale. They are kind of like dogs that started living in the ocean

prehistoric_animal_Ambulocetus natans_whale

This is the wooly rhinoceros.

This is animal is half bird and half lizard. It is part of the evolution of the bird


Nerdy Geek Cute Rainbow Haired Girls

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Girls trying to get attention or dressing up for an event with crazy colored hair.


Super FAT DOGS-Funny Photo Gallery

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These dogs are so fat its a disaster. The owners should be put in Jail. this is shocking that such fat dogs exist.



fat labrador. the the owner should not let the dog eat so much. this is horrible.

poor fat beagle