Shark Attacks Human – Shark Bites and Shark Attacks

11-03-2013 by admin

Scars on a girl attacked by a shark


This man from florida had part of his hand bitten off by a shark


A shark bit through a mans surf board. Sharks sometimes mistake the outline of a surfer on a surf board for a seal.


this person’s foot was bitten by a shark


These are pictures from a reenactment of a shark attack. it shows the kind of bloody injuries that sharks can cause



Interesting Scuba Diving Encounters

01-03-2013 by admin

Cool encounters with marine animals while scuba diving.





Weird aboriginal people from austrailia

29-02-2012 by admin

weird looking Australian aborigines, the native people from the Australian outback.


Sexy Bald Headed Women

08-09-2011 by admin


Some women still look sexy with their head shaved.


Britney Spears looks ok with her head shaved.

This cute girl is half way bald

Bird Closeup Amazing Photos

by admin


The photographers got the timing just right for these pictures

pigeon flying over new york


bird flies in front of a window in europe

seagull closeup at the beach

Dragon Art – Nice Pictures

by admin


Some nice dragon art. These would make nice wallpaper if you get a high resolution version.

Dragon standing on a ledge


Dragon sitting on a castle

Funny Animals Riding on Other Animals

25-08-2011 by admin

These animals have been trained to ride on other animals, or maybe they are just doing it for fun.

Naughty monkey riding on a pig


Lion riding on a horse. it seems like this would be scary for the horse

Of all the animals, monkeys seem to be the best at riding

Monkeys ride a Capybara

Cute Nerd Punk Girls with Mohawks

by admin

Here are some pictures of cute nerdy punk girls with rainbow colored hair. ThisĀ  kind of hairstyle really grabs people attention. I don’t know if the hair sticking out is real or fake.

Blonde hair underneath and rainbow mowhawk on the top


This girl looks like a punk and has piercings too


Muslim Islamic Swimsuits-Is it sexy or not?

14-08-2011 by admin


In Muslim countries, women are supposed to be covered up at all times. So what do they do when they go to the beach? Here is the answer. These swimsuits cover the body from head to toe but you can still go in the water. This swimsuit is also called a burkini.



Somali Pirates-What do they look like?

by admin

Somali pirates don’t dress like the historical pirates from movies. They are from one of the poorest countries in the world and their style reflects that. The either wear military outfits or just whear whatever cloths they have available.